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In year 2015 Thailand will become AEC (ASEAN Economic Community)

following the pattern of the Economic Union (EU).You may look Thailand as an advantageous opportuninity to sell your product/service to people in the AEC. Moreover, consider to establish a company for regional production and distribution hub because of its competitiveness in term of geographical features, market size, cost, availability of resources and technology than in the neighboring CLMV countries (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam).

Whenever you think of Thailand and find a number of gaps to fulfill your need. Or if you are finding someone to be your business partner. Please keep an eye on Conveyor Guide Co., Ltd., your experienced people in conveyor business and its related products and accessories. We prompt to be a gate way to distribute your product/service to the CLMV countries.

Conveyor Guide Co., Ltd. is a firm led by the engineer with material handling background. Our business philosophy is “Together We Share “ Since we discovered that the way to get the sale done is not only the competitive price but also sufficient information for customer’s decision making. Therefore, we have a strong intension to share information as much as we can to the customer. We confident that after customer found how our product/service suit for their use, they will go together



with us .By then, the product/service will sell itself and the customer will be happy to repeat the order.



Everybody acknowledges that no one can walk alone in the modern business environment. Therefore, we welcome all suppliers, manufacture, or any firm that found good opportunity to create cooperation for both parties mutual benefit.


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