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Company Profile: Conveyor Guide Co.,Ltd.

“Together We Share”


Conveyor Guide Co., Ltd. is a firm led by the engineers with material handling background. Our main business is supplying conveyor components and related parts for example: all kind of belting, pulley, lagging rubber, skirt rubber, backstop, automatic aligning system and bearing e.t.c including conveyor consulting service.

Our business philosophy is “Together We Share.Since we believed that knowledge is a key of competitive advantage. Therefore, we have a strong intension to share products information as much as we can to our customer. We confident that after customer found how our product/service suit for their use, they will go together with us .By then, the product/service will sell it.

Currently, the knowledge about the conveyor system and its related components in Thai Language is very rare, not to mention knowledge disclose to public which almost none. Most of the websites in Thai Language
made for commercial purpose. The information really required by the customer is ignored.

Our website is totally different. We established with the objective to make it as the place where “knowledge in conveyor system and related components in Thai Language be collected herein.” People who visit will get practical knowledge and insight that save time and money for decision making. If information in the website found is not sufficient visitor can make a phone call or e-mail we are more than happy to serve you.

At the moment is still young. The knowledge contents are available in limited amount but it will be added and updated more and more as time passed. Thanks to customer who support and everybody who visit this website. We will keep on going to make valued to all visitors. All knowledge presented herein is very little like a single sand grain in the desert. We remain need your comment/contribution for improvement of our website. Your value suggestion will be accepted and very much appreciated.